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Hey There Friend, 

Are you interested in applying for the #mlpseniorspokesmodelteam!? 🤗

First let us give you a bit more information and then all you should need to apply will be right down below👇




The #MLPSeniorSpokesmodelTeam is a group of local seniors who are chosen to represent the face/brand of Megan & Landon Price Photography during their 2020-2021 Calendar Senior Year!

They will be involved in many fun mini sessions at different locations, with a variety of themes and options!


The spokesmodel team is an exciting opportunity for our seniors!       


They will receive many different perks including:

Participation in selected 2020-2021 remaining photoshoots for our business

High resolution digital image photo galleries with print release to share with family & friends on social media


An MLP Exclusive Senior Experience Session with a Cap + Gown Senior Session.

Group activities and events


Fun cash bonuses for other outside client bookings referred from you (the selected senior) 


Styled shoots & more.




   Our Senior Representatives are chosen based on their community involvement, outgoing personalities, sports and extra-curricular activities, dedication to the Megan and Landon Price Photography brand and their excitement for their upcoming senior year!


Something like this opportunity can and has been priced at $1300+ by photographers surrounding us because of the variety of shoots and offered locations.  But ours will be just $750, you heard that half the price of other photographers in the Longview and Shreveport area.


To give you a better perspective really quick on the value of the deal that is listed above… our Exclusive Senior Session Experience package is $250, and most of our other Session Packages throughout the year are priced at $150-$200 a piece.





     Will have the possibility of being

involved in:

Sunflower Mini Sessions

July 4th Patriotic Mini Sessions

Cotton Mini Sessions

State Fair Mini Sessions

BFF Mini Sessions

Fall Pumpkin Mini Sessions

Tree Farm Christmas Mini Sessions

Styled Christmas Mini Sessions

Styled Fall Mini Sessions

Animal Involved Mini Sessions

Wildflower Field Mini Sessions

& other creative mini session ideas


Applications will open until 

Sunday, September 13th with a limited number of spots available on the team.  So quickly share this with your senior friends, classmates & senior parents that you want to be involved with you and us throughout this super fun experience!



Signature Senior Spokesmodel Experience 


4 Total Guaranteed Sessions

   - 2 Sessions are the MLP SENIOR EXPERIENCE Sessions 

   - 2 Sessions of your choice from remaining MLP 2020-2021 Session Options 

   - May include a (+1) at one of your two choice sessions 

       (+1) being a friend, family member or significant other

-Opportunity to be involved in other sessions not included in your 4 total guaranteed sessions.


Total value of $650

Your 2020-2021 Senior Spokesmodel Price $500

Exclusive Senior Spokesmodel Experience 


7 Total Guaranteed Sessions

   - 2 Sessions are the MLP SENIOR EXPERIENCE Sessions 

   - 5 Sessions of your choice from remaining MLP 2020-2021 Session Options 

   - May include a (+1) at one of your two choice sessions 

       (+1) being a friend, family member, or even date.

- One session (+ family) option you may bring your immediate family along to get a family session in for the year! 

-Opportunity to be involved in other sessions not included in your 7 total guaranteed sessions.


Total value of  $1050

Your 2020-2021 Senior Spokesmodel Price  $750

Chosen Spokesmodels are required to: 

- First Notify Parents of Application, your parent will be contacted first if you are chosen as a spokesmodel candidate.


- Pay the entire spokesmodel Fee & Sign the MLP 2020-2021 SENIOR SPOKESMODEL Contract


- Attend our meet and greet or reschedule a time to meet and go over details 

- Keep in contact with us throughout the year

- Participate in mini sessions with the full team on the evening of Sunday, December 6th

- Must follow our Instagram and Like our Facebook-if you even have one of those ;) lol

- Tag us in every photo you post from our sessions throughout your senior year

- Share about our business throughout the year

- Use Megan & Landon Price Photography as their sole photographers throughout their Senior Year

- Continually bring a fun, inspiring and positive attitude to all sessions they are included in for the remainder of the 2020-2021 calendar school year

- Uphold a good standing on choosing which sessions to be involved in and not backing out or changing plans an unreasonable amount of times 

Apply To Join The 2020-2021 mlp Senior Spokesmodel Team 

Thanks for applying! We will be contacting you soon! :)

***Parents and Spokesmodels, Please read before clicking Submit My Application!!


I understand that just by filling out the MLP Senior Spokesmodel Team Application it does NOT automatically guarantee acceptance onto the team or guarantee privileges to any of the information stated above!


I understand that this application will be reviewed both by Megan & Landon Price and you will be contacted upon our decision in finalizing the 2020-2021 MLP Senior Spokesmodel Team! 

I also understand that if chosen to be on the spokesmodel team I am required to be a promoter for the MLP Photography Business and required to purchase either the Signature Senior Spokesmodel Experience package or the Exclusive Senior Spokesmodel Experience package created for the 2020-2021 school year! 

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