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A Joyous July Wedding - Shannon & Jeffrey Dorrell - 7.13.19

The Lord works in such intricate ways. The two gracious friends that trusted us the most with their special wedding day a few months back; allowing us to shoot their wedding as our very first wedding ever are actually friends with these two beautiful people. Not long after we booked with Megan and Ramiro they suggested us as photographers to Shannon and Jeff also... and guess what!? They took the chance on us too! Hopefully, what they decided was a good one 😉

July 13th, 2019 will not only be a special day for Shannon and Jeff now, but it will be a special day for Landon and I also. We will forever remember the beautiful sun rays on the giant white pillars at the front of the church, that cast a perfect shaded area for the gorgeous Bride and Groom shots after the ceremony. Thanks Lord. 🙌We will remember the joy that these two shared for becoming a husband and wife simply because it was a joy similar to that of a child on Christmas Morning. And we will remember the friends and family that gathered with them to celebrate this lovely anticipated matrimony so eagerly. Shannon and Jeff shared their vows at Denton Bible Church in the good ole' state of Texas and spent the evening dancing and cherishing their special day together.

We cannot thank these guys enough for the trust and love they have shared with us for the past few months of knowing each other! We are so grateful to have played a part in their special day! ❤️ Their love for each other is truly something special!

But for real guys we loved being your Wedding Photographers! Thank you again for giving us a chance when you had no idea who we were and you knew the little wedding photography experience we had at the time! It is truly clients like you who give us the encouragement on the discouraging days! The Lord is so good and works in such amazing ways! We pray blessings upon your marriage and will always be here cheering for you in your corner! 😊

❤ Love, Megan & Landon

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