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Willow Lake Wedding - Megan & Ramiro Mendez - 3.9.19

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Capturing the beauty, love and emotions of this big day was one of the most magical things and a dream come true! These two beautiful people Landon and I share a friendship with have always been so supportive and encouraging in what we do. Matter of a fact, at the first mention of me wanting to be a wedding photographer about this time last year in a 30 minute lunch period at my soul sucking day job Megan blurted out the second I finished talking that I "better hurry up and get it figured out because she was getting married soon and I was going to shoot her wedding." Yes, you heard that right this girl just promised this unexperienced teacher that she would let me be her wedding photographer! I couldn't believe it!

Fast forward about six months later and a few weeks before September first when we got a call from Ramiro asking if we could meet up for lunch to discuss some things!!! Eeekk you know what that means right!? This was the moment when he said he would love for us to capture his proposal. We were out of our minds with excitement! He said that Megan had always talked about how she wanted me to do the pictures of their wedding one day so he thought he should probably have me take pictures of their proposal too! We loved photographing their proposal almost as much as their wedding day. March 9th was an entire day where we were able to put some of our greatest friends at the center and focus solely on them, which they are so deserving of. Plus, photographing my first wedding as my husband officiated his first wedding was just icing on the cake.

Megan and Ramiro celebrated their big day at Willow Lake Event Center in Weatherford Texas. What was supposed to be an extremely chilly and rainy day turned out to be an absolutely perfect and beautiful sunset filled evening. The Lord always provides. One of our most favorite moments of Megan and Ramiro's big day was the few seconds before they were going to meet behind a rustic barn door to exchange gifts, read each other letters, and pray together before their ceremony. We told Ramiro to close his eyes very tight as we walked Megan up to the door. The moment his eyes closed, and his hand grasped hers a giant smile and precious tear slid down his cheek. To top it all off in the same moment I glanced over at Megan to see her grinning ear to ear and wiping tears from her cheeks. The genuine love, affection and eagerness these two shared to become each other's spouse was truly unexplainable.

Megan and Ramiro, thank you so much for blessing us with your incredible friendship and reminding us why we feel so blessed to get to do what we do.

❤ Love, Megan & Landon

The Creative Team

Wedding Planner & Coordinator: Cathy Hagman

Venue: The Willow Lake Event Center

Photographers: Megan & Landon Price

Second Shooter: Alexa Vineyard

Floral Design: T&T Flowers

DJ: Ryan Walker

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